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About Us

Parukh International was established with the purpose of offering a diverse range of high quality Agro products under the renowned "Agro's" brand. 
This includes an assortment of Jaggery Products (Powder, Cube, Cookies, Stick, Cone, Chickpea, Block), Coin Khakhra & Makhana in various flavors, Spices, and Tomato products, Sauces, Basmati Rice (1121 basmati rice, Sella, Pusa, and traditional rice).


Our primary objective is to provide globally accessible healthy, natural, and specialty foods, all sourced from reliable farmers.


Our core mission revolves around the production and distribution of premium Agro products, emphasizing freshness and hygiene. We aspire to gain global recognition as a brand that enriches daily routines with nourishing choices.


Our values are deeply embedded in health, care, and sustainability, reflecting our commitment to harmonizing nutritious offerings with individual well-being and environmental stewardship.


Our Commitments
• Providing products that are entirely authentic, rooted in the rural heritage of our nation.

• Promoting the well-being of both farmers and consumers.

• Facilitating the establishment of a healthy and sustainable environment.

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Our Team

Meet the team behind success!

Our Accreditations

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